Grab the "Spirit of the Lake"

World Class Opportunities

Golf: An abundance of options for the amatuer to the novice golfer. Sheboygan County has a golf course that is sure to please the desires, skills and purpose from the small rural nine hole course to the challenge of the PGA qualifying courses. Many identified in the top 100 golf courses of the country.

Road America: Tucked away in the western part of Sheboygan County you will find a race track that is home to Nascar, Vintage, Motorcycle racers and more. Elkhart's is the home of the once road race that popularized its existence.

Arts: Within the city limits you will find the touch of creativity inspired by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Not only the home for the display of art but also dramatic live performances. Many enjoy performances at the Stefanie H Weill Center, a romantic, gorgeous historical theatre at city center. And for the kids, Bookworm Garden and the Above and Beyond Museum are sure to entertain. The newest venue is City Green with Thursday night concerts during the Summer.

Beaches: Some of the best beaches of the Midwest are found in Sheboygan. King and Deland Park. They offer public beach access with playgrounds, white sand and the waves of Lake Michigan to be enjoyed by all. A walk to the historical lighthouse is a pleasure enjoyed by many. A more rustic and natural beach and boardwalk can be found at Terry Andrea State Park for day visitors and week-long campers.

Life Outdoors: Talk about opportunities to experience, Sheboygan County is known for one of the favorite camping site at Terry Andrea State Park, along with wonderful walks along the beach or amongst the dunes on the Board Walk. All year you will find the most amazing experience between King and Deland Park. There will be surfers, kite surfing, sailboat races, paddle boarding, jet skiing and fishing. Sheboygan is a bike friendly community with bike lanes, Plank Road Bike Trail and Lakefront Bike Trail. To the west of the county you can find hiking paths and ski trails amongst the Kettle Moraine Glacial drops and resort lifestyle on the many inland lakes.

In The Marina: Not only the home to Sheboygan's charter fishing fleet but also the many boats that adorn the Marina along with the Sailing Club. Boat landings also provide the the small craft enthusiasts to enjoy the perimeters of our lovely beaches.

Fishing: Sheboygan is home to some of the greatest Charter Fishing Excursions of the Great Lakes. Dumper Dans is a popular place for enjoying the fruits of a long day on the lake.

Enjoying Our Parks: All with a purpose in Sheboygan and Sheboygan County. Two Family Beach areas found at King Park and Deland Beach. Vollrath entertains Food Truck Night and a Disc Golf Course. Kiwanis is a great winter sledding venue and home of a new skateboard jump. Fountain Park at city center offers all kinds of entertainment plus the famous Farmer's Market.


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