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Sheboygan is an area in the state of Wisconsin which has a seductive appeal, thanks to its quiet charm and friendly people. What’s not to enjoy about living in this area? It comes as no surprise that most people are powerless to resist its charms. It is a big city with a small town feel. Affordable place to live and vacation, and above all one of the safest metros in the Midwest. People come for the experience and stay because of the memories. 


  How cool is that?  You have the advantage of some beautiful views plus access the river from your own backyard. The Sheboygan River flows into Lake Michigan. By canoe, boat, kayak or paddle board, you can end up at the lighthouse outside the Harbor or at the white sandy beach often referred to as the “Midwest Carribbean.” Sheboygan has the best beaches in the Midwest. Also known for their Charter fishing, Sailing Club, Marina, Surf-sailing, and Surfing. You need to experience Sheboygan….the “Spirit on the Lake.”

Open Houses


Sheboygan County has thousands of jobs available in nearly every field, education level and experience, plus some amazing benefits. We seem to have more jobs than people. And now great home ownership opportunities as well. Thus, it is a developing area with great potential for growth. Bike paths, Boardwalk, Art Festival, Food Trucks, Micro Brewery’s, Surfing, Dining, Music at City Green, performing arts at John Michael Kohler Art Center and Stefanie H. Weill Center. Where do we stop.  With all of these opportunities, Sheboygan is drawing a diverse population all with a need for housing. Townhouses and condos have helped solve some of the real estate problem. The low-maintenance lifestyle is ideal for busy city dwellers who need less home responsibilities. More time for one self is hard to find in a world requiring so many working hours. Now it can take them to the Water’s Edge for some relief.


Sheboygan boasts a beautiful beachfront and opportunity for sailing, surfing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding or anything else you can think of on the shores of Lake Michigan or along the riverfront.
John Michael Kohler Arts Center is a real treat for all art buffs, while the Above and Beyond Childrens Museum is the perfect place to take the kids. Outdoorsy individuals can enjoy the beach or paths at the Kohler Andrae State Park, or marvel at the beauty of Bookworm Gardens. At the end of the day, many enjoy the micro brew gardens  or pubs, a dinner choice of grubb from a food cart or an elegant menu from Stefano’s. Maybe even a walk to the many fresh bakery’s amongst the city or to the ever famous Farmer’s Market at Foutain Park. When you move about Sheboygan, we can assure you, everything is within 15 -20 minute walk of where you are.


Adjacent to GLAS  Coffeehouse and Across from Kiwanis Park


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Units are approximately 1200 sq ft

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